How does it work?

How does home delivery work?

I won't be home when deliveries go out. What should I do?

I'm going out of town and want to skip my delivery

Can I get delivery on two different days?

Payments & Accounts

How do I access the portal to make changes to my subscription?

Can I make a one-time purchase for home delivery without a subscription?

Do you offer wholesale accounts?

Where do we deliver?

We are in Philadelphia, PA and serve residents of Germantown, Mt Airy & East Falls (19144, 19119, 19129).

Roxborough & Manayunk will be added soon, as well as a bakery pickup option. Join our email list for updates.

About the bread

How is your bread made?

Why is naturally leavened bread better for you?

Is everything you make made of sourdough?

How do you choose new menu items?

Lightning round

What is a community supported bakery?

Are DKB, Michael's Bread and Germantown Kitchen Garden the same business?

Do you have a retail location?

What's with the name?