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Hi everyone!

This post will help support new customers and those who are moving over from our old system to this new one. Whether you've made a purchase or not, if you create an account you'll be able to leave comments or replies at the bottom of this post.

If you're an existing customer moving from the old system, we are so happy to welcome you! You don't have to keep the same day, items, or frequency as before; but when you check out, be sure to enter the discount code we emailed you to make sure you're credited for what was left from your last payment. This will be a quick read, I promise! 

On the home page, choose a delivery day:

Choose your first product:

Product selection

Pick your delivery interval and quantity.

You can now choose between taking delivery weekly or every other week. When choosing quantity, remember your portal will allow you to add items to individual deliveries when needed.

Product page

View cart, check out or continue shopping to add other items:

View cart dropdown

From your shopping cart, confirm quantity (for your regular deliveries) and continue to checkout:

Shopping cart

Enter payment and delivery details.

1. If you have an unusual delivery situation, let us know in "Delivery Instructions". We usually hang deliveries on or near the front doorknob. The phone number will allow you to opt in later for real-time delivery updates via text.

2. Subscribers should leave the email updates box checked so you're not in the dark about bakery news--we won't market aggressively or share your email. 

3. Last, include any discount code you've received.

Payment and delivery details

Success! Now, access your customer portal:

Order confirmation

Select "See Details & Make Changes":

Customer account

The best part! Look at all the options

I'm so excited to finally be able to offer more control over your subscriptions. This portal connects directly with our merchant dashboard, so we won't have to email back and forth about many  of the simple changes you need to make, and errors on our end will be significantly reduced. To make an account and access your portal, select "Bread Club Portal" on the home menu.

Subscription portal

Thank you so much for joining us on this baking adventure.

If you've been a customer for a while, you understand what a big change this is. I welcome you to add any questions, thoughts or encouragements in the comment threads below. It could be messy getting everyone over this little bridge, but we'll work out the kinks together and then get on with the exciting parts of building and baking!

I'm ready to check out

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I would like to begin a subscription. All I see is sour dough bread and pizza dough. Are there other items I can order, and where do I find them? I am using an iPad, is that hindering my ordering in any way? I want to have items delivered. I am having trouble navigating your website.
I hope you will help me out.
I hope you will help me.


Thanks Michael!


Hey Orr, I just learned a little while ago that the discount codes I sent out weren’t able to apply to delivery fees. I made a delivery-specific code and tested it with another customer, so I’ll have to recalculate both delivery fees and the unused portion of the tiered discount levels and issue credits directly (which I think I can do from my dashboard once you’ve created a subscription). I keep asking myself if I’m making this unnecessarily complicated, but none of the other ways I looked into (like gift cards) were able to be issued in bulk.

All that to say, I’m on it and will make sure everyone gets credit for where they stood when we left off with the old invoice system. I’m actually surprised at how orderly this has been so far. Thanks for your patience and for following us over.


I just re-subscribed – congrats on the new site! I had a $100 discount code you sent me, and my 8-week subscription cost $48 (because the code didn't apply to delivery fees). Will I be able to apply the unused other half of my discount code to my next 8 weeks?


Hey everyone, it's Michael the bread guy. If you have any questions, leave them here and I'll check in to answer them periodically. Somebody else might have the same questions as you!


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