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Hi everyone!

For nearly two years we’ve been searching for a place to grow into that would continue the spirit of the beautiful, offbeat green haven that we love at Germantown Kitchen Garden. It’s taken so long because the garden is really a singular place, with its birds and baker’s sunrises and all of Amanda’s plants and produce. But the oven that once seemed so big has become small, and as a bakery we need more space and equipment in order to sit at the big kids table. Alas.

So we’re excited to announce that we’ve finally found our place with our friends at Manayunk Timber, where we’ll have space to build the (indoor) pirate ship treehouse bakery of our dreams next to the city’s only sawmill and their magical patch of forest on Umbria Street. We plan to remain primarily focused on production & delivery, but there’s way too much charm not to welcome you there-which we will find a way to do that still allows us to stay a little feral. Also they sell really, really nice lumber there, including old-growth species milled from the beams of dismantled factories. Check them out.

The next few months will be an expensive, intense and incredibly exciting time of dreaming and building. In the meantime, our little team has snuggled in with our generous and patient friends at Ursa Bakery to keep the production running while we stay ahead of the law and on top of construction. Claire is a master, and you can find her bread at the farmers markets in East Falls and Fairmount.

To our customers who have put up with all of the cryptic non-announcements while we’ve looked for a new home, weird batches, software glitches and missed emails: we could not be doing this without you, and your support and encouragement really keeps us going. We’re doing our best to polish up what needs it, and leaving everything else a little weird. More to come!

-Michael, Molly & the team

(Music: You Get What You Give - New Radicals)

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